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Reading is fundamental

Scientific communication is critical in all of its forms. We communicate our work by talking to others, giving presentations, being active on social media, and, of course, publishing manuscripts! Below you will find the peer-reviewed work that we have published.

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Vincent Mastrodomenico, Natalie J. LoMascolo, Yazmin E. Cruz-Pulido, Christina R. Cunha, Bryan C. Mounce
ACS Infectious Diseases, 2022

Asset 1_4x.png

Natalie J. LoMascolo, Yazmin E. Cruz-Pulido, Bryan C. Mounce
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2022

Asset 3@16x.png

Mason R. Firpo, Vincent Mastrodomenico, Grant Hawkins, Mathieu Prot, Laurine Levillayer, Tom Gallagher, Etienne Simon-Lorier, Bryan C. Mounce
ACS Infectious Diseases, 2020

Virion-Associated Polyamines Transmit with Bunyaviruses to Maintain Infectivity and Promote Entry

Asset 4.png

Vincent Mastrodomenico, Jeremy J Esin, Shefah Qazi, Maxim Khonmutov, Alex Ivanov, Suchetana Mukhopadhyay, Bryan C Mounce
ACS Infectious Diseases, 2020

Firpo review paper summary.png

Mason R. Firpo, Bryan C. Mounce
Biomolecules, 2020

Sandler paper summary.png

Zachary M. Sandler, Mason R. Firpo, Oreoluwa S. Omoba, Michelle N. Vu, Vineet D. Menachery, Bryan C. Mounce
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2020

Tate paper summary_4x.png

Patrick M. Tate, Vincent Mastrodomenico, Bryan C. Mounce
Cell Reports, 2019

Kicmal paper summary_4x.png

Thomas M. Kicmal, Patrick M. Tate, Courtney N. Dial, Jeremy J. Esin, Bryan C. Mounce
Journal of Virology, 2019

Mastrodomenico Paper Summary_4x.png

Vincent Mastrodomenico, Jeremy J. Esin, Marion L. Graham, Patrick M. Tate, Grant M. Hawkins, Zachary J. Sandler, David J. Rademacher, Thomas M. Kicmal, Courtney N. Dial, Bryan C. Mounce
Journal of Virology, 2019

Dial Summary_4x.png

Courtney N. Dial, Patrick M. Tate, Thomas M. Kicmal, and Bryan C. Mounce
Viruses, 2019


Bryan C. Mounce, Michelle E. Olson, Marco Vignuzzi, John H Connor
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews, 2017


Bryan C. Mounce, Teresa Cesaro, Lea Vlajnić, Anna Vidiņa, Thomas Vallet, James Weger-Lucarelli, Gabriella Passoni, Kenneth A. Stapleford, Jean-Pierre Levraud, Marco Vignuzzi
Journal of Virology, 2017


Bryan C. Mounce, Teresa Cesaro, Lucia Carrau, Thomas Vallet, Marco Vignuzzi
Antiviral Research, 2017

JVI broad.png

Bryan C. Mounce, Teresa Cesaro, Gonzalo Moratorio, Peter Jan Hooikaas, Anna Yakovleva, Scott W. Werneke, Everett Clinton Smith, Enzo Z. Poirier, Etienne Simon-Loriere, Matthieu Prot, Carole Tamietti, Sandrine Vitry, Romain Volle, Cecile Khou, Marie-Pascale Frenkiel, Anavaj Sakuntabhai, Francis Delpeyroux, Natalie Pardigon, Marie Flamand, Giovanna Barba-Spaeth, Monique Lafon, Mark R. Denison, Matthew L. Albert, and Marco Vignuzzi
Journal of Virology, 2016

CHM GA.png

Bryan C. Mounce, Enzo Z. Poirier, Gabriella Passoni, Etienne Simon-Loriere, Teresa Cesaro, Matthieu Prot, Kenneth A. Stapleford, Gonzalo Moratorio, Anavaj Sakuntabhai, Jean-Pierre Levraud, and Marco Vignuzzi
Cell Host and Microbe, 2016

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